Lenovo Pokki Start menu

Lenovo has decided enough is enough and will put the Start menu back for its Windows 8 PCs and laptops.

Although the Windows 8.1 update is coming on 17 October with a Start button, Lenovo has teamed up with a software company to put a Start menu on its computers. Starting in the next few weeks, Lenovo PCs and laptops will come with Pokki pre-installed.

SweetLabs makes Pokki as a way of giving Windows 8 users who want the traditional Start menu exactly that, albeit its take on the long loved feature.

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"We’re excited to announce that the #1 PC maker in the world, Lenovo, will be shipping Pokki on new Windows 8 devices worldwide!" said SweetLabs on its blog.

"Everything our hard working Pokki squirrel creates – from the Start menu to the modern desktop apps, to the app store and the new game arcade – is all about making the PC experience better for users, as well as helping developers get their apps in front of the right users." it added.

The firm said that it's now shipping Pokki on two out of the top four PC manufacturers.

Pokki has been downloaded 20 million times and not only give users a Start menu, but its very own app store. You can search you installed apps, create a favourites list and even interact with the control panel.

If Pokki sounds interesting, you don't need to wait to buy a brand new Lenovo piece of kit as the software is available to download for free.

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