The Windows Experience index is a little app that you can run to see just how well your PC stacks up when it comes to running Windows.

Your computer is put through a series of benchmarks and at the end is given a score, the higher the score the better your computer will perform. Naturally, if you have a brand new PC then you’re likely to get a higher score, but even then the way Windows Experience Index works means that you’ll know where likely performance bottlenecks will occur or are already slowing down your computer.

To get the best results then make sure you have quit all your applications and ensure that there are no updates being installed or backups running. Go to Control Panel and click on Performance Information and Tools then under the System information click on Run the assessment. If you’ve already run the test and have changed or upgraded some components then click on re-run the assessment. Leave your PC running the test and wait for your score.

The benchmark tests your CPU, RAM, Graphics, hard disk and gaming graphics giving each a score - your PCs overall score is determined by the component that receives the worst result. For a more in-depth look at how your PC performs click on View and print detailed performance system information. This will give you a good idea of what, if anything needs upgrading so that you get better performance from your computer.

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