Have you ever worried that Windows might not be setup correctly or in need of urgent attention and thought that you just might not know? The Action Center in Windows is here to help.

Split into security and maintenance groups it can alert you to anything that needs attention and does so with varying degrees of urgency so that you know which things to fix immediately and what can wait until you’ve got the time to take a proper look.

The Taskbar on the desktop in Windows 8 gives you direct access to the Action Centre and even alerts you when it needs attention. At the bottom right look for a flag icon and click on it. A little pop-up window will let you know if there’s anything that needs attention. Click on Open Action Centre to see more options.

If you click the arrow next to security you can see at a glance exactly how secure your PC is and if anything needs attention. You can see immediately if your Firewall is on or off or your virus protection is working or not. In the maintenance section you’ll be able to check you backup status and see other details such as HomeGroup settings, user account control and, for safer browsing, SmartScreen Filter options.

If you’re having issues with Windows that aren’t listed in the security or maintenance sections you can use the Action Centre to help you troubleshoot your PC. Simply click on Troubleshooting and choose from the Programs, hardware and sound, network and internet or system and security options to launch the appropriate help wizard. Where there is a solution to your issues Windows will automatically remedy them with these handy work-throughs.

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