In previous versions of Windows the search bar was the simple way of finding the apps and files on your PC. In Windows 8 the start menu and search bar have gone, but that doesn’t mean it’s harder to find the things you need, if anything searching your computer has become much easier.

For many people the first look at Windows 8 can be a bit disconcerting, as you have to learn a few new ways to perform tasks. The start menu has been replaced with the start screen and nowhere on it is there a search box for you to click in. The reason for this is simple, you don’t need one; to perform a search you just start typing.

As soon as you start hitting keys the start screen moves aside to display the search screen. So, if you’re looking for WordPad simply type that and it’ll be the top result. By default the search shows up your applications, but you can also click on Settings or Files to narrow down your results to those specific areas.

When you do a search, each of the Apps, Setting and Files options will show you how many relevant results have been found for those selections. If you go into the settings charm you can have Windows save your searches so that it becomes more accurate the more you use it and shows the applications you search for and open most often at the top of the list. So, if you search for Word and always click on WordPad and not Word then WordPad will rise to the top.

Below your list of results are a number of applications that you can click on to see what they come up with. For example if you click on the Bing app it’ll search the net for whatever you typed in. 

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