If you're new to Windows 8, you may be still coming to terms with some of the new features, and yearning for the way things used to be in previous versions of Microsoft's operating system.

For example, every time a laptop boots, Windows asks for a Microsoft account password to be entered. This is a good security measure, but if your laptop never leaves your desk you may be less worried about unauthorised access.

Fortunately, there's a way to bypass it. Here's how:

1. Boot your PC and enter your password.

2. Press Win-X (by which I mean hold down the Windows key and then tap X).

3. In the pop-up menu that appears, click Command Prompt (Admin).

4. In the command prompt, type control userpasswords2, then press Enter. (If this sounds familiar, it's because the same command works in earlier versions of Windows.)

5. In the User Accounts dialog that appears, uncheck the box marked Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.

6. Click OK, then confirm the automatic sign-in option by entering your password (twice).

7. Reboot.

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