There are many changes in Windows 8, but probably one of the most noticeable will be its new email application. If you’ve been used to Outlook or Windows Live Mail then the new mail software might seem completely different, however, it’s a really easy to use and powerful email client.

Getting started is problem free as long as you have a few bits of information to hand before you begin.

To get started with Windows 8 Mail click on the live tile and a list of the most popular mail services will be displayed. If you have an account with Google, Yahoo!, Hotmail, or Outlook then simply click on the appropriate icon in the bottom left and enter the details that Mail asks for. All the behind the scenes information and settings will be configured automatically for you.

If you have an account from someone other than Google, Microsoft or Yahoo! then click on View all in settings then click on Other Account. You may have to enter more information manually so make sure that you have your username and passwords available, it’ll also be handy for you to have POP, IMAP or SMTP settings to hand.

To add another account open mail then go to the Settings charm to add further email settings. The new Mail app is lightweight and super fast in Windows 8 those coming from an application like Outlook might find the layout a bit of a departure, but the new design does allow you to quickly skip through your messages.

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