Last week PC Advisor hosted a poll to find out what percentage of its readers were going to "Uprgrade to Windows 8?". Interestingly 44 percent of poll participants claimed that they had no plans to upgrade their OS at all, voting for the "No. I'm sticking with that I've got' poll option."

What's  worrying for Microsoft is that just 30 percent of voters revealed that they would make the switch to Windows 8. 13 percent of these said they would upgrade to Windows 8 when it launches, while the remaining 17 percent said that they will only upgrade to Windows 8 when they buy a new PC.

While nine percent of participants weren't sure if they were going to upgrade to Window 8 or not, a far from insignificant 18 percent of pollers selected the "No. My next PC operating system won't be Windows" option. Such statistics suggest that the future will see Window's grip on the traditional PC market slip further, with recent figures suggesting Windows hold as high as 92.2 percent of the current PC operating system market.

While the prospect of Microsoft losing its dominant grip on worldwide operating system sales isn't a new story - back in 2010 Apple's Tim Cook claimed 20 percent of all PCs sold in the US were Macs - our poll evidence would suggest that Windows 8 has so far failed to capture the imaginations of technology enthusiasts, as it would have hoped to.

As always, poll participants were encouraged to further express their intentions on our forums. Forum user Estuary's views on Windows 8 summed up the general feeling pretty well. He said: "My answer to this question is probably no . I cannot see any good reason to change from win 7. I am not interested in a touch screen or joining facebook or twitter or sharing anything with anybody! I think that my long burning curiosity about Apple may result in me buying an imac in the future."

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