5 things we want from the Microsoft Smartwatch

Microsoft is rumoured to be launching a smartwatch in the next few weeks so here are five things we want to see from it. Read: The best smartwatches 2014.

The wearable market continues to grow with every tech firm trying to grab a slice of a pie (or something healthier for the activity tracker segment). Apple has at long last announced the Apple Watch and other are coming soon including the LG G Watch R, Sony SmartWatch 3 and Asus ZenWatch both running Google's Android Wear.

There's a lot of competition and going by patents, Microsoft has been working on its entry for a good couple of years or so. It's supposedly coming in time for Christmas so here's what we want to see from it.

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5 things we want from the Microsoft smartwatch


Smartwatches are often only compatible with selected devices – the Apple Watch and iPhone or Android Wear with Android devices. However, we want Microsoft to make sure it's smartwatch is compatible with as many platforms as possible.

If it is exclusive to Windows Phone then Microsoft won't be doing consumers or itself any favours.

Battery life

A regular watch will run for a really long time before needing to be charged or have the battery replaced. Smartwatches are bound to use more power but we hope that Microsoft can ensure decent battery life with its effort. We're talking a week or more ideally.

5 things we want from the Microsoft Smartwatch


For Microsoft to be successful in the wearable market, it needs to get the price right. Since the firm is a bit late to the party, we want it to come in with a decent device which undercuts rivals in terms of cost. Big value for money is what we want.

Exclusive features

This is one for Microsoft to try and fulfil but we want its smartwatch to have some killer feature (or multiple) which you can't find elsewhere. Some kind of James Bond style metal cutting laser would be awesome but perhaps a little impractical so we'll leave it to Microsoft to come up with something.

Great build quality

One thing we love about the Surface tablets is the excellent build quality so fingers crossed this continues with the smartwatch. Wearable devices are tricky to get right on the design front with every user different from the last so multiple sizes would be a good idea, too.

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