Homeless charity Crisis is looking for volunteers to donate their skills and a little time to help homeless people in London over the festive season.

Far be it for Team PC Advisor to get involved in the uneccessary early hyping of Christmas, but in these times of economic hardship, what better gift can you give than yourselves? Crisis contacted us earlier today, and asked that we reach out to PC Advisor's legion of tech-savvy readers, in order to find some volunteers willing to give of their time to help homeless and vulnerably housed people gain computer skills.

As part of Crisis at Christmas, running from Friday 23 December to Friday 30 December, up to nine temporary centres will be set up in London. As well as companionship and hot meals for homeless people, the centres will offer health checks, housing advice and training, as well as further education opportunities - and it is in this area that the readers of PC Advisor can help.

Crisis is looking for enthusiastic and inspiring volunteers to help facilitate ICT workshops, or to simply help guests at the centre surf the internet or use a PC for the first time.

Crisis told PC Advisor: "This year we are working more with schools and colleges than ever before and have some fantastic spaces in which to run meaningful activities including Arts and Crafts, Dance and Fitness workshops, Life Skills, Creative Writing and many more. In 2010, 1884 people visited our on site Internet Cafes.

"Put your IT skills to good use and join one of the most popular activities at CC: Help guests with a CV, Microsoft Office, surf the Internet or use a PC for the very first time.

"Shifts run from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm, from Friday 23 December through to Thursday 29 December. We ask that every volunteer signs up for a minimum of two shifts.

"Recruitment opens early October 2011. Please check our website for further details: www.crisis.org.uk/volunteering or call 0300 636 1000."