Thanks for joining us here on World Tech Update, I'm Nick Barber. As part of an ongoing effort to recover from a downward spiral, four Yahoo board members including its chairman will step down. This follows the exit of co-founder Jerry Yang earlier this month. The shakeup appears to set the stage for incoming CEO Scott Thompson to steer the company in a new direction.


Google is ready to lay fiber lines in Kansas City, Kansas, the midwest city that the company choose as the pilot for its super fast internet. It announced it would be building its first experimental fiber network about 10 months ago. It hopes to deliver speeds up to 1 gigabit per second, which is about 100 times faster than what most Americans have. It hopes it will be a model of how high speed data networks can work in the US.


While it's been around for 4 years the use of in flight WiFi has still yet to take off...with only about 7% of the flying public using the service. One of the big reasons is that more and more airports are offering free WiFi and passengers would rather use that than fork over as much as 10 dollars for a flight of a few hours. At only 7% usage the service still isn't profitable. US airlines collected about 155 million on in flight wifi in 2011 and that number is expected to hit 225 million this year.>>>>


Next time you're on the subway, a secret admirer may be snapping a picture of you to post on a network of sites that lets others rate, comment and share your mug. BostonTCrush, went live this past week and is quote designed to celebrate the people you have a chance encounter with on the T, what locals call Boston's subway and street car system.  BostonTCrush is the third site from the company that also runs Tubecrush in London and Subwaycrush in New York City.



Right now the sites only feature pictures of men, because Crushed Communications, the London based company that runs the sites, wants to avoid perpetuating street harassment upon women. The sites allow shy riders to request to have their pictures removed.>>>>


It's the new 1% and we're not talking about the Occupy Wall Street movement. That's the amount of mobile devices that will be able to take advantage of a beta version of the Google Chrome browser for Android phones. The devices must be running Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich. For users who use Chrome on both their phone and computer bookmarks and autocomplete will sync across devices among other features. Google didn't say if it planned to release versions of Chrome to be compatible with earlier versions of Android or other competitive operating systems.


Darpa has created a 4 legged semiautonomous robot that it hopes can reduce stress and fatigue of soldiers on the battlefield. It's called the LS3 and it has onboard sensors to see obstacles in its environment and path planning capabilities to avoid them. And yes this is the successor to Big Dog, a robot that we showed you a while back. The LS3 though can carry more weight, run longer, faster and quieter than big dog. It's first outdoor assessment included a follow the leader task as well as climbing and descending hills.>>>>


One of the many leaders of last year's uprising in Egypt was in San Francisco this week to talk about how social media played a part in the revolution. Way-EL Go-NIM, author of Revolution 2.0 was born in Cairo and grew up in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. During the Arab Spring he first started a Facebook page in support of people living in Egypt, while he was living in Dubai and working for Google.





Ghonim is still on sabbatical from Google to launch an NGO supporting education and technology in Egypt.>>>>


The biggest US television event of the year the Super Bowl was on this past Sunday and Samsung used the show to poke fun at rival Apple. While it never specifically named Apple it showed people waiting in line, some in tents, which looks very similar to an Apple product launch. The commercial was to promote Samsung's Galaxy Note, a smartphone tablet hybrid with a 5 point 3 inch screen and surprisingly a stylus.





The device has been mocked as a throwback to the days of the Palm Pilot, but in fairness to the company, the stylus isn't always required and when it is used it does more than just act as a pointing device. In the US the Note costs 300 dollars and can be preordered from AT&T.>>>>


Well that's our show for this week thanks for joining us here on World Tech Update. We'll be back next week as always with all of the latest tech news. To find out what's coming up follow us on Facebook and Twitter. As we head out this week we'll leave you with 3D race tracker footage from the Volvo Ocean Race. I'm Nick Barber and for all of us here at the IDG News Service thanks for watching and we hope to see you next week.






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