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Last week we told you about the new Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet and how it's storage space is superior to Amazon's Kindle Fire. Well now it's been revealed that there's a big catch. The Nook Tablet has 16 gigs of internal storage, that's double what the Kindle Fire has, but on the Nook Tablet only 1 gig will be available for content that doesn't come from Barnes and Noble. Fortunately the Nook Tablet does have a microSD card slot, something absent on the Fire, for up to 32 gigs of unrestricted storage. The Kindle Fire has 8 gigs of on board storage, about a quarter of which is reserved for the OS, but the rest users can do with as they please.

Google Music is now available to all users in the US and includes song and album sales as well as integration with Google Plus. The Google Music service is a cloud based online music service which allows users to sync, upload and store their music and access it from anywhere. Users will be able to share the songs and albums they purchase with their friends on Google plus. The songs and albums will be on sale in the Android Market. 

Samsung Electronics will launch a modified version of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany next week, after sales of the original were banned by a German court for being too similar to Apple's iPad 2. The new version of the device called the Galaxy Tab 10.1N  moves the speakers from the side of the device to the front and modifies the design of the bezel so that silver is visible. Samsung said the design was made in response to the German legal authorities, and not to Apple's claims of patent infringement. In September, the district court in Düsseldorf ruled that Samsung must not sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany because of its similar appearance to Apple's iPad 2. Samsung is involved in legal battles with Apple in Europe, Asia and North America over patents related to their phones and tablets.

A Ruby developer meet up held its first ever developer speed dating event last week in San Francisco. Organizers say it's hard for companies that code in Ruby to find talented developers and engineers who know the language well. It was very 'date' like in that there was food, alcohol, and those first date jitters, but it was all for jobs rather than romance.




All together about 40 companies were represented and about 20 people looking for jobs showed up. Pairs met for a few minutes each, then job hunters would shift one chair to the right and meet someone new. The group plans to hold more events like this in the future.

Tucked inside one of the buildings on Microsoft's massive campus in Redmond, Washington is its vision for the future of our homes. Take for example this wall that can display information about your home, where your family members are or maybe what's on your daily agenda. And that was a theme throughout the home, turning normally static elements into dynamic ones. In the dining room this table is lit from above with what looks like just a regular light, but it's actually a projector, able to display any image some of which that can also be interactive. In the bedroom the walls and other items in the room change to suit each guest's personality.



Flora Goldthwaite

Senior program manager, Microsoft

The team working on this house and the projects in it has a vision 3-15 years out so it could only be a matter of time until some of the technology you saw is common place. 

In honor of Veteran's Day in the US last week we took a look at San Francisco app developer 1000memories that hopes to catalog old, treasured photos with a snap.

That and the oral history 1,000 memories collects will be turned over the Library of Congress.  So far, they’ve collected 15. They’ve focused on the Yountville Veteran’s Home of California because it houses the country’s highest concentration of World War Two Vets. It’s a project that is dear to the co-founder’s heart.

Rudy Adler “My grandfather had these great photos…”

Now the office of 1,000 memories is decorated with old family photos, all snapped on iPhones. The 1,000 memories shoebox app launched last month and has been downloaded 125,000 times. From here, the photos go onto pages that can be shared with family members. Eventually there may be a premium fee, but Adler says the goal is to keep the basics of the pages available for free.


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