The Byte - Sun erupts, Microsoft shuts mobile store down, Apple's new chip not for phones, robo sketcher at Cebit

A series of solar flares are erupting on the sun's surface as the sun reaches the peak of its 11 year solar cycle. That means ejections are rocketing to earth at 600 miles a second and can interfere with satellite and radio signals, but also produce vivid northern lights.

Microsoft will soon shut down the app store for Windows Mobile, the platform it's phasing out. On May 9 it'll go dark, but the move won't affect users of Microsoft's new mobile OS as they'll continue to be served by the Windows Phone Marketplace.

According to analysts, Apple's new chip the A5X may not make it into iPhones, as previous chips have. Because of its focus on graphics with 4 cores, it might not be ideal for smartphone use and Apple may opt for a more power efficient chip.

There's a sketch artist at the Cebit IT fair in Germany, but it's not human. Fraunhofer Institute has this fun project on display that first captures a showgoers face then traces the basic lines on a whiteboard. When it finishes, it seems quite proud.