The Byte - Not Stringer's fault, Google fined, Playbook cut, Android Market cleaned

The Byte, Feb. 3, 2012

Today on The Byte:

Sony CEO Howard Stringer said that Sony's losses aren't his fault.

Google has to pay a fine to a French mapping company for undercutting competitors.

RIM cuts the price of its Playbook again, hoping to clear out inventory.

Android Market malware is reduced by 40 percent by an application scanner called Bounce.

Outgoing Sony CEO Howard Stringer said that much of the company's losses, including the latest 3 billion were due to circumstances out of his control. He said it would be nice if there were no earthquakes, no floods, no hackers, no anything, but our own skills.

Google has been ordered to pay a fine and damages to a French mapping company after a court ruled Google guilty of unfair competition and undercutting competitors by making the service free. The search giant was assessed 680-thousand dollars.

RIM's Blackberry Playbook has hit a rock bottom price of 200 dollars. They originally sold for 500 plus. RIM cut prices to unload inventory and plans to take a 485 million dollar write down. RIM needs a big debut soon if it hopes to save itself.

Malware on the Android Market has been significantly reduced due to a application scanner called Bounce. It looks for malicious software and has been in use since last year. There was a 40% reduction in market malware in 2011.