Barnes and Noble released the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight e-reader with a screen that lights up so books can be read in the dark. The lighting comes from LEDs embedded above the display It'll costs 139 dollars and will be out in May.

Google's profits soared 60 percent in the first quarter, but average cost per click paid to Google by advertisers declined for the second quarter running. CEO Larry Page said part of the decline is due to the the shift from desktop to mobile browsing where advertising is cheaper.

Intel will soon release its first Xeon server chips with 3D transistors. The Ivy Bridge based chips will be aimed at the emerging category of microservers, low power alternatives to traditional racks, blades and towers. Analysts say the move would intensify the cloud hardware battled with AMD.

Sony's new CEO Kaz Hirai said he'd revive the floundering electronics giant with a renewed focus on the hit products that made its legacy. Hirai outlined his corporate strategy days after Sony said it likely lost 6.4 billion dollars during the fiscal year, its largest ever annual loss.