The Byte - Intel smart TV, Samsung fined, Windows 8, Android interest erodes

Intel hopes to gain traction in the smart TV market with a new chip for TVs and set top boxes. The Atom CE5300 will allow users to watch broadcasts, access the internet and videoconference. The dual core chip is aimed at cable operators and satellite companies. It’s out now. See Intel chases smart TV business with new chip.

Samsung received the largest ever fine Monday from South Koreas Fair Trade Commsion, 356,000 dollars, for obstructing an investigation into deception pricing. Samsung employees delayed investigators, deleted data and submitted false data, according to the group. Samsung denies allegations. See Samsung hit with record fine for obstructing mobile phone investigation

Microsoft will wrap up Windows 8 this summer and launch it in October, according to Bloomberg. It will come in two flavors, Windows 8 for traditional PCS and business tablets and another for Windows on ARM for consumer tablet customers. See Microsoft to launch Windows 8 in October, report says.

Developer interest in Android is slowly eroding. A survey of developers found that about 79 percent were interested in creating Android apps, that’s down from 87 percent last year. Falling much faster is Blackberry OS from 37 percent to 16 percent in the same time. See Developer interest in Android slowly eroding, survey finds.