Homemade robots built by high school students battled it out in Boston during the FIRST Robotics competition. Controlled by students, the bots played basketball like game. Students from around the world competed in the program that hopes to interest them in science and technology.

Rutgers University in New Jersey launched a high performance computing center powered by IBM’s Blue Gene/P that is focused on big data analytics in life sciences, finance and other industries. Nicknamed Excalibur, it will be the only supercomputer available to commercial users in the state.

The glass façade of an Apple Store proved tricky for an 83 year old woman who is suing Apple for 1 million dollars because she accidentally ran into one of its glass doors. The woman broke her nose on the door of a New York Apple store, which now has warning strips posted on the glass.

AT&T will start selling the Lumia 900 for $100 starting in April. It’ll be the first real test for Nokia in North America as the Lumia 900 and the Titan 2 will be the first LTE Windows Phones available. Preorder starts March 30. They’re in stores April 8.