Google has finally closed its 12 and a half billion dollar acquisition of Motorola Mobility and will start working on devices. It's been about 9 months since it announced its plans and closed the deal after Chinese regulatory authorizes approved it. It plans to focus on fewer, bigger bets.

Military contractor Nothrop Grumman is working on an army spy blimp that will take flight before year's end. The Long Endurance Multi Intelligence Vehicle is capable of keeping an eye on the enemy for more than 3 weeks straight. It's more 92 meters long and can carry 24 passengers.

A 15 year old who created a non-invasive pancreatic cancer detection tool won the Intel Science and Engineering fair, receiving an award and 75 thousand dollars. He used a simple sensor to test blood or urine and in tests was more than 90 percent accurate.

Chinese PC maker Lenovo's net profit grew 54 percent year on year, outpacing the rest of the PC industry. Profit reached 67 million during its fourth quarter. Analysts said the company did well despite a slowdown in the PC market and the popularity of Apple's iPad.