Apple announced it will use its cash balance of $98 billion to issue dividends and repurchase shares.  The program begins in Q4 of its fiscal year and will issue $2.65 per share. Financial officers say this will make Apple one of the largest dividend payers.


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will run for a seat in the Australian Senate despite being held on house arrest in the UK.  It’s not yet announced which state he will run for.  Assange is still waiting to hear if he will be extradited to Sweden on sexual assault allegations.


The FAA says it will take a “fresh look” at the in-flight electronics policy.  Gadgets haven’t been tested since 2006, long before most e-readers and iPads existed.  The FAA says it will have to test each version of a device on every aircraft model before a decision is made.


Paypal plans to enter China and India’s online payment markets in an effort to become a larger domestic presence in that region.  Established domestic companies will make the competition fierce and Paypal might face issues in acquiring payment licenses.  The company is still in the application phase.