AOL agreed to sell over 800 of its patents and related patent applications to Microsoft in an effort to raise cash.  The deal will earn AOL over 1 billion dollars but the company did not disclose details about what technologies it sold rights to.  This is to be completed by the end of the year.


Sony will cut ten-thousand jobs globally this year as part of a new restructuring plan.  The cuts are likely to be spread over development, manufacturing, and management, although Sony President Hirai has said no area is off limits.  Hirai will detail his corporate strategy at a press conference on Thursday.


Researchers discovered new Web-based malware attacks that evade URL security scanners by checking for mouse cursor movement.  The attacks don't require user interaction to infect computers and are hard to spot allowing hackers to go undetected for longer periods of time.


Toshiba has developed hardware that encodes and sends video streams without using CPU or memory to increase the number of streams broadcast from a single machine.  Toshiba said its NPEngine is the first that can stream directly from solid-state drives to networks.  It will debut at the NAB Show in Las Vegas on Saturday.