Speed-dating for developers

It had all the makings for an intimate night in the city: Good food, plenty of beverages to chose from, and even chocolate.

All designed to break the ice on that all important first face-to-face conversation.

There were nerves, of course…

“Yeah I’m nervous—you probably can’t tell—or maybe you can!”

And mild anxiety from those more accustomed to dealing with code than humans.

“It’s hard because I’m not used non-stop face to face and not getting the time to sit back and reflect.”

But finally it all got down..

“Let’s Speed date!”

To business.

“That’s awesome, so do you have a resume or something?”

A meet-up group of developers who use Ruby, a programming language, decided to host its first ever speed-dating event, only instead of love, it was geared towards employers finding good candidates for work.

Bosco So, Ruby meetup organizer “We think it’s good because the best programmers are not necessarily the best self-promoters. You can’t judge a book by its cover!”

There were more head hunters and heads of engineering looking for new hires than there were job seekers—a sign, according to organizers, of how needed Ruby coders are.

“OK move to your right …”

Organizers say based on feedback, they plan to have another speed-date event again, soon.

In San Francisco, Kerry Davis, IDG News Service.