“And the winner, as you can see, is the Opel Ampera and Chevrolet Volt”

General Motors won big at the Geneva Motor Show with its Opel Ampera and Chevrolet Volt sharing first place.  The two models were chosen for their technical innovation and for reshaping the future of the electric car.

Unlike previous electric designs, these cars switch from a lithium-ion battery to combustion-engine once the battery is depleted. They can drive gas and emissions free for 80 kilometers before the engine kicks in. This new propulsion system can be monitored by the driver on two large screens within the car.

Charging the Volt’s battery for a year would cost only 720 euros.

SOT– “It’s approximately two Euros every time you want to charge it … Volt”

GM is hopeful that the win will boost sales worldwide, particularly in the US where sales have failed to meet expectations. Early tests recorded heat control problems in the battery pack that could spark a fire, but GM says it has addressed the issues and applied the appropriate solutions to better protect the batteries.

The cars are currently available in the US and Europe.