Hundreds of Apple fans line up for new iPad in San Francisco See also new iPad review

Nat “Yeah—let’s do it!”

Rainy and cold weather conditions in San Francisco didn’t stop Apple fans from lining up to buy the latest product on Friday: the new iPad.

“I’m excited.”

This Spanish fan thought the line was reasonable for a new Apple launch so jumped in.

“it’s cheaper here than in Spain.”

Apple’s system of letting customers in a few at a time kept the process orderly—though one part the company couldn’t plan for was the widespread protesting at Apple stores.

A group supporting the petition to get Apple to change its production processes was also at the iPad launch, talking with people in line and sometimes, arguing.

“You have a right to be here…”

The online petition protesting Apple has more than 250 thousand signatures. The group is angry about poor working conditions at FoxConn plants in China, which manufacture Apple products.

But protesters and rain couldn’t dampen some fans enthusiasm, who expect these scenes to only grow.

“Gets more popular every year.”

From San Francisco, Kerry Davis IDG News Service.