Next time you're on the subway, a secret admirer may be snapping a picture of you to post on a network of sites that lets others rate, comment and share your mug. BostonTCrush, went live this past week and is quote designed to celebrate the people you have a chance encounter with on the T, what locals call Boston's subway and street car system.  BostonTCrush is the third site from the company that also runs Tubecrush in London and Subwaycrush in New York City.

Some still prefer the old fashioned way of meeting people.

Right now the sites only feature pictures of men, because Crushed Communications, the London based company that runs the sites, wants to avoid perpetuating street harassment upon women. But that doesn't mean all women don't want to be snapped.

The sites allow shy riders to request to have their pictures removed.

In Boston, Nick Barber, IDG News Service