Alps electric debuted a new sensor that the company hopes can be used in medical, security and other applications that could benefit from detection of slight movements. Called an RF motion sensor Alps demonstrated the chip by analyzing heart beats and counting respirations.

Shigeru Sato
Product development, Alps Electric
This one uses the communication wave by the 2.4 GHz ISM band. And this one can detect the phase shift of the microwave. And if the phase shift has happened the movement of the material has happened. For instance if the human is moved the sensor detects the phase shift.

One of the benefits of this new chip is that it doesn’t need direct contact with a person in order to detect movement. For example, reading a heartbeat can be done through clothing, unlike some medical equipment that needs direct contact with the skin. For detecting respirations or other kinds of movement the sensor can be position up to 2 meters away and still be accurate, according to the company. One of the drawbacks of the RF motion sensor is that all movement is tracked. So when the device is reading heartbeats, slight movements and even breathing can interfere with its accuracy. Alps said it is working on way to compensate those movements. It plans to make the sensor available in spring 2012.

At Ceatec in Chiba, Japan, Nick Barber IDG News Service.