With 2009, and the decade, drawing to a close, we've trawled back over a year's worth of IT-related quotes to find just which ones really stood out, for the right or wrong reasons. Here's our 15 most memorable IT quotes of 2009.

Tiger Woods makes him shout, too

"In the next few years I know I'll be watching my favourite golfer, Tiger Woods, play in a tournament and I'll see him hit a particularly brilliant shot.

I'll shout at my television set, 'Hey Bill, did you see Tiger make that putt?' and Microsoft software will wake up in the TV, it will recognise my voice, it will know when I say 'Bill' I mean Bill Gates, it'll find him wherever he is, it will see whether he's willing to be interrupted for the call.

He'll say, 'Of course, for Steve I'm always able to be interrupted'. 'Hey Bill, did you see Tiger make that putt?' Maybe Bill will say, 'Yes Steve, but what golf ball is he using?'

I'll literally take my finger and I'll point at the golf ball, a search will go on across the Internet to figure out what ball it is, and I'll say 'Hey Bill, that's the new Nike ball, shall I order some for you too?'"

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer talking about the future of TV during a November press conference in Tokyo.

Well, now

"Green Dam is a conglomeration of whatever components [the developers] managed to steal ... or otherwise appropriate from various sources, and duct tape together in the form of an alleged piece of software.

They should be utterly humiliated, not just because they stole much of the core functionality, but even more so because they intentionally inflicted such a miserable product on a population of innocent computer users."

Solid Oak Software president Brian Milburn in a blistering email about the company alleged to have stolen Solid Oak code.

Moving the gardens

"Everyone thinks the walled gardens have broken down. But really they got taken down and rebuilt next door."

Adrian Smith, a partner with Ignition Partners referring to the trend set by Apple's iPhone App Store to make it easy for developers to offer products to users, but noting that the environment isn't completely open.

Another version of events

"Intel has reluctantly concluded that the Commission initiated the investigation with a predisposed view to alter the results of competition, and consequently tended to assess the evidence with a prosecutorial bent to confirm its point of view.

In doing so, it ignored or minimised - and indeed at times even refused to obtain - important evidence that contradicted its view of the world. The result was a consistently one-sided and result-oriented selection and interpretation of the evidence."

Intel in a statement regarding the European Commission's antitrust inquiry.

Not so fast

"Intel can say what it wants, but there's a simple reason why they have failed to convince a single antitrust agency that has independently reviewed the evidence that their practices are lawful and pro-consumer. Intel breaks the law."

AMD spokesman Michael Silverman responding to Intel's accusations.

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