With 2009, and the decade, drawing to a close, we've trawled back over a year's worth of IT-related quotes to find just which ones really stood out, for the right or wrong reasons.

Here's our 15 most memorable IT quotes of 2009.

Hey! You! Get off of my cloud!

"If there's no hardware or software in the cloud we are so screwed. But it's not water vapour, all it is, is a computer attached to a network. What are you talking about? I mean, what do you think Google runs on? Do you think they run on water vapour? I mean, cloud? It's databases and it's operating systems and its memory and microprocessors and the internet. But all of a sudden, no it's none of that, it's the cloud! What are you talking about?"

Oracle chairman and CEO Larry Ellison in an on-stage interview with former Sun and Motorola executive Ed Zander at a September event.

Spin this

"The US government cleared this, we think the Europeans are going to clear this. We are not going to spin anything off."

Ellison when Zander pushed him on Oracle's plans for Sun products.

Time for a little putt-putt

Sun Chairman Scott McNealy to Ellison at the same September event: "Do you have any ideas about what an ex-chairman could do after the EC clears this one?"

Ellison replied: "Just knock another couple of strokes off your handicap."

McNealy again: "I do have one request. Can you buy the San Jose Sharks so we can finally rename the San Jose stadium the Sparc Tank?"

Nice try

"After changing our passwords, I tried to pass the incident off to my wife ... as a teachable moment. To which she deftly replied, 'Well, it is not my teachable moment. However, it is our money. No more internet banking for you."

FBI Director Robert Mueller on being banned from online banking by his wife after a (nearly successful) phishing attack.

Gaga over earphones

"They are designed to be the first ever fashion accessories that double as the absolute best sonically sounding headphones in the world. These headphones look a lot like the jackets my friends and I wear in New York. They are all studded and metal."

Lady Gaga, introducing earbuds at IFA in Berlin.

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