Top Tech News: Apple buys Beats, LG G3 and Google driverless car

Here are the top 5 tech news stories from this week including Apple buying Beats, BBC's new iPlayer app and the Quad HD LG G3 smartphone.

Top tech news: LG G3 ushers in Quad HD

We've had many big launches this month and this week was the turn of LG with the G3, a smartphone which packs a 5.5in Quad HD screen. Read our LG G3 hands-on review, watch our preview video and check out all the release date, specs and price details.

Top tech news: Apple splashes out on Beats

As per the rumours, Apple has bought out Beats Audio fronted by Dr.Dre. The deal was struck for around $3bn so we could see that Beats logo on the back of the iPhone 6.

Top tech news: Google's driverless car rolls in

Driverless cars have been a long time coming but Google has officially shown off its prototype which looks like one of those classic plastic kids cars which adults sometimes try to squeeze into on You've Been Framed. No steering wheel. No pedals. Google gets serious about self-driving cars.

Google Driverless Car

Top tech news: New iPlayer app hits Windows Phone first

Back to something which you can actually use today, the BBC has launched a new version of its iPlayer app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Microsoft's mobile OS got the update first but still doesn't have the market share to gain the download feature. See what's new in the major iPlayer app update.

Top tech news: Mario Kart 8 arrives to save the Wii U

If you want to kick back and have a bit of fun this weekend, you might need to go out and buy a Wii U. That's because Mario Kart 8 has finally hit the shops and is brilliant. Find out why battle mode stopped the game getting 10/10 in our review.