Research in Motion's fourth quarter revenue plummeted 25 percent as it struggles to stay relevant. It plans to focus more on the enterprise. The company shipped 20 percent fewer phones though tablets shipments grew. BlackBerry 10, its newest OS, will be out later this year.

Google will open an online store where it will market and sell tablets directly to consumers, according to the Wall Street Journal. The tablets will be manufactured by Google partners like Samsung and Asustek. Google started selling its Nexus One online, but closed that store 6 months later.

After discontinuing its US line of smartphones earlier this week, Dell announced that it will introduce new ones later this year. Dell originally entered the market in 2010 with the Aero and Streak 5. It already has plans for a Windows 8 tablet later this year.

OnStar will roll out a new feature that lets drivers track and find their cars. While some call it a spying tool General Motors thinks Family Link will bring peace of mind. It costs 4 dollars a month and will be available to US subscribers later this year.