Forty-nine percent of respondents in Southeast Asia expect an increase in hiring volumes this year, according to LinkedIn data that indicates social professional networks are the fastest growing source of quality hires in the region.

Forty percent of respondents in Southeast Asia reported an increase in recruiting budgets and 39 percent prioritise pipelining talent.

Professional social networks are the second most important source of key quality hires in SEA. Forty-five percent of the respondents see recruitment agencies as the most important source while 38 percent see these networks as the key source for hiring professionals.

Forty percent of the SEA recruiters find 'utilising social and professional networks' as the top essential trend in the long term.

The same number of people wants to improve employee retention.

Impact of employer branding

LinkedIn's 2013 Global Recruiting Trends Report also shows that 39 percent of SEA respondents agreed to be nervous by employer branding.

Eighty-eight percent of SEA respondents agreed that employer brand has a significant impact on ability to hire great talent.

Thirty-seven percent of SEA respondents said their organisations use data well in making hiring decisions. Data proves that SEA was the second strongest market in using data for hiring, behind only India (52 percent).

Forty-two percent of regional respondents agreed they regularly measure employer brand in a quantifiable way.

Ninety-one percent of SEA respondents expect internal hiring to increase or stay the same. Fifty-nine percent of candidates use mobile to learn about opportunities and 52 percent use mobile to apply for various positions.