As we reported earlier today, MESH Computers has gone into administration. This page is the hub for all the information we've gathered about the situation at MESH, along with advice for concerned customers.

What's happened to MESH?

UK PC supplier MESH has gone into administration after 25 years of trading, and the MESH brand and some other assets have been sold on to UK components distributor PC Peripherals. At the time of writing the MESH Computers website appears to be taking orders, while the phone ordering service is closed - as is normal at this time of day. Read our full account of the MESH situation, and check back for regular updates as we learn more.

I've recently purchased a PC from MESH but haven't received it yet. Will it arrive? Can I expect a refund? What should I do?

If you used a credit card to pay for a MESH PC that you haven't yet received, contact your credit card provider. You may be entitled to claim a refund for purchases between £100 and £30,000. If you didn't purchase using a credit or debit card, or you aren't eligible for a credit card refund for some other reason, you are advised to contact the administrator.

Most of your questions about your rights and best course of action with respect to the MESH administration, as well as the contact details of the administrator, are answered on our page Advice for customers of MESH Computers.

Will my MESH warranty be honoured by the new owners?

The official line is that they will. As part of the terms of the buyout, PC Peripherals has agreed to take on and honour existing MESH warranties. Read more about the terms of the deal here, and check the administrator's full statement here.

Have other PC Advisor readers been affected by MESH going into administration? How are they handling it?

We've heard from a number of readers who've been caught up in the MESH situation. Check our Consumerwatch forum to hear from fellow customers and discuss the issues; here are two threads that you may find particularly interesting:

Mesh computers in Administration, what are my rights as a customer?

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What are the consequences for the rest of the UK PC industry?

That's hard to say. PCA editor Matt Egan attempts to answer this question in his comment piece, MESH in Administration: the day the UK PC industry died? (By the way, it's a more optimistic piece than the title suggests!)

Don't forget to log your complaint in PC Advisor's Consumerwatch Forum. For more detailed advice on distance selling, read 'How to shop safely online'.