An effort to find the next generation of web and mobile entrepreneurs kicks off tomorrow with the first of two events held in London.

The Launch48 Conference will educate new entrepreneurs from different backgrounds on what to expect in the first two years of a new business, providing skills on how to build a team, take investment and gain market share. Following the conference the Launch48 Weekend will help attendees think up, plan, develop and launch one or multiple web businesses, with the ideas being launched on Sunday evening.

Various mentors with experience at IT giants such as PayPal, Vodafone and Yahoo will be attending the events to offer assistance to attendees on all aspects of creating and delivering their project successfully. A follow-up event is scheduled for 6 weeks after this weekend’s event to help keep teams working on their ideas, and offer on-going support from the mentors.

Launch48 says it has experienced great success over the past year with at least two businesses created at previous events going on to generate revenue.

Tickets are available from £34.95 and more information is available at