The internet is encouraging 91% of young people across Indonesia to become more entrepreneurial.

A new study from Ooredoo shows that 83% of these people are intending to, or have already, set up a business online.

Nine out of 10 young people in Indonesia are very hopeful about their prospects in the coming year and 95% said technology opens up communication channels in society.

95% of the respondents said that technology is the basis of a modern, forward-thinking and functional society.

"Indonesian youth are hungry to improve their career prospects, educate themselves, become more entrepreneurial and broaden their horizons by connecting with each other and the rest of the world," said H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Thani, chairman, Ooredoo. "This research demonstrates that young people in Indonesia understand the transformative power of technology and the opportunities provided by ICT."

Career progression

93% believe the Internet helps them in career progression and allows them to search beyond their own country for employment. 77% said they regularly use the Internet to improve their education.

Indonesia is still struggling with basic infrastructure as only 62% of the respondents are happy with their telecommunication operators. 60% of those who have Internet access in rural locations were frustrated by poor Internet coverage and 82% complained about slow connections.

99% of respondents said they are either presently or intending to improve their specific job knowledge and skills online.

99% are using the Internet for business purposes, 96% are using it to search for skilled workers and 97% to source funding online.

"This is an extremely exciting time for Indonesia as it enters a critical stage of its digital evolution and Indosat is proud to be an integral part of this journey," added Alexander Rusli, CEO of Indosat. "The study supports our belief that ICT has a vital role in helping the country's young people realise their full economic potential and it provides valuable insights for identifying opportunities to help them do so."