Employers in Hong Kong are geared towards hiring middle managers in 2014, said Robert Walters that recently released its annual global salary survey.

The demand is a result of movement among senior employees in 2013, which created a large number of promotions for middle management, noted Matthew Bennett, managing director of Robert Walters Greater China.

But firms must offer competitive packages with increased emphasis on a clear career path along with development and international opportunities in this candidate-driven middle-management segment, he added.

"Having seen some accomplishments in their career, candidates at this mid- management level seek other avenues of job satisfaction apart from pure monetary gratifications," he advised.

Job movers might get double-digit salary growth

Job movers who are able to secure new positions could command an average 10-15% pay raise this year. "That percentage was what we saw last year," said Bennett. "This is likely to continue in 2014. In addition, an expected increase in local consumer spending--fueled by stronger growth in trade--will lead to active recruitment across industries this year."