Eighty-six percent of businesses in Hong Kong intend to increase or maintain headcount in 2013 as per the latest Regus Business Confidence Index.

Twenty-eight percent of these firms expect to increase headcount by five percent or more indicating that local companies are feeling relatively confident about the future.

The 8th annual barometer of global business sentiment indicates that only 13.7 percent anticipates headcount reductions this year.

Fifty-nine percent of those surveyed believe additional sales and marketing staff will be taken on, and 39 percent intend to increase their operational staff.

"The fact that nearly 60 percent say that those additional staff will be sales and marketing personnel further underlines this - clearly Hong Kong companies think that the market is there for their goods and services, and aim to get out there and start selling," said Hans Leijten, vice president, East Asia, Regus.

Rising revenues for local businesses

Forty-seven percent of local businesses in Hong Kong said they experienced an increase in revenues and 36 percent said profits had also increased over the past 12 months.

Findings of the survey are based on a survey of more than 26,000 businesspeople in 90 countries worldwide participated.

Eighty-five percent of global businesses are planning to increase or maintain headcount in 2013, and one in four plan an expansion of more than five percent.

Leijten added that HR departments of Hong Kong companies should expect an increase in competition for sales and marketing staff. Also, businesses should figure out ways to be competitive in the labour market and recruit and retain the best talent.

"A growing body of recent research suggests that cash is no longer king, and a good work/life balance, achieved through more flexible working conditions is also a key concern for local job-seekers. Companies that offer this may tip the scales in their favour," said Leijten.