Hong Kong's Customs & Excise Department recently deployed the latest version of an anti-intellectual property infringement system co-developed with the University of Hong Kong.

Costing HK$500,000 to build, the upgraded version of the Lineament Monitoring System allows the department to automatically monitor 10 social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and different forums 24x7. The first and second versions were developed in 2007 and 2011 to monitor BT and online auction sites.

The system will automatically search for people who uploaded IP-infringing files, when and where the files were uploaded, as well as saving the URL links, the files, as well as capturing screenshots after movies titles, song titles, or names of singers are entered, said the department spokesperson.

"The system will also notify investigators of information found," the spokesperson noted. "This automated process helps save us lots of time. When servers [hosting those files] or suspects are located overseas, we'll inform law enforcing agencies of countries involved."

Of late, the department's monitoring online IP-infringing activities related to popular movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Cantonese films That Demon Within (Tf) and The Midnight After (£ÌhP †úÒ‹€'Ô„van), the spokesperson added.

According to the department, there were 162 cases of online IP infringement last year, 50% more than that in 2012.