More than half of APAC workers their position changing or being made obsolete by new technologies -- more than the global average of 40% - a survey shows.

The survey by SAP and Oxford Economics shows that APAC employees also rank compensation and benefits as among their top concerns.

The report into the study states that employers in the region undervalue the impact of leadership and soft skills needed to lead a global and diverse workforce, see little merit in loyalty and retention, and fail to appreciate the need for career development opportunities.

Defined opportunities for career advancement rank as the most important factor that will increase loyalty and engagement (46%) followed by more comprehensive benefits (45%) and higher compensation (44%).

Despite this, only 27% of APAC executives view long-term loyalty and retention as an important part of their talent strategy, and only 11% consider leadership to be an important trait in employees.

"As the influx of young, ambitious employees join the workforce across Asia Pacific, it is critical for companies to recognize that their talent management practices and policies will need to evolve," SAP APJ Adaire Fox-Martin said.

"Workforce data and analytics will be critical in enabling HR managers to track, manage and assess recruitment, demographics, staffing, training, skill sets and incentives in a way that helps the business run better."