A former Avnet and itX staff member has revealed the recent restructure at the distributor was not the first, but the third round of job cuts in as many years.

The source told ARN the latest restructure had resulted in the sacking of 26 staff members from different departments and that 20 of those 26 staff were former itX employees.

Avnet bought ASX-listed distributor itX in August, 2010, for $77.5 million.

"This is not the first time such a restructure has taken place," the source said

"I was exited last May, but not long prior to that , close on 40 long standing staff were made redundant," he said.

"The total number of people departing from this round of restructuring is 26.

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"This is nothing compared to the attrition rate as the Americans gradually squeezed all the genuine talent out over the last three years [close to 100 people chose to walk].

In 2010, itX had 150 staff across offices Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

The source claimed this latest round of job losses had left few original staff from itX and went on to attack the company's corporate culture.

"After this round of redundancies there would scarcely be a handful of original itX staff left, and those that do remain are only there because their business units remain profitable," the former employee claimed.

ARN has supplied Avnet with the contents of the former worker's statement with a view to verifying its accuracy.

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Avnet vice-president, marketing and business innovation, Michael Costigan, offered a statement on behalf of the company.

"Avnet constantly evaluates our business needs. Unfortunately, we recently had to make some difficult decisions to reduce our workforce in areas of the business to realign our investment with market needs and conditions," he said.

"These decisions are taken very seriously, and we understand how difficult this can be for the employees involved.

"We're doing everything possible to make the transition smooth for the employees affected. Avnet remains committed to providing unparalleled value, service and support to our customers.

"Going forward, we will continue to review the needs of our customers and adjust our resources to achieve specific performance goals that are in line with Avnet's long-term business objectives."

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