Consultants at Lorica use their mobile devices to work closely with customers. But the company realised that continuing
to provide high-end devices to new consultants, while still being able to control costs, would present challenges.

By choosing Vodafone Total Business, the firm has overcome this dilemma. It now has a flexible bundle of voice and data services - including email - that covers all devices and ensures costs are predictable.

Better still, users can make unlimited calls to UK fixed lines and retrieve voicemail, reducing the firm's monthly bill by up to 50 per cent.


Lorica, headquartered in Fleet in the UK, is an insurance broker specialising in general insurance, employee benefits and risk management for businesses.

The company has seven offices across the UK and a workforce of approximately 240, including more than 70 consultants. Achieving success in its industry is challenging, not least because business customers expect high standards.

Consultants call and send emails to customers many times a day. Quick discussions via email frequently occur and consultants regularly come out of meetings with a number of voicemail messages that need to be answered straightaway.

All consultants carry Windows Mobile® devices that offer voice and data services, including email, so they can do their jobs effectively wherever they are.

Ray Thomasson, Group IT Manager at Lorica, says: "These are what I would call heavy users, particularly of voice and email services."Despite the customer challenges and a tough economy, the company has done well and the number of consultants is growing. However, this success presented a dilemma. How could Lorica continue to provide mobile devices to more consultants and still keep control of costs?

Consultants had to use their mobiles in whichever way was most effective, making it impossible to limit usage in any way.

Ray Thomasson says: "Our consultants and the work they carry out are key to our business's continued success. We have
to make sure they have the right tools to do their jobs well while keeping overheads in check."


Ray Thomasson has a busy schedule and appreciates suppliers that help him find solutions to his challenges. "That's the big advantage of working with Vodafone and why Lorica has been a customer since 1990," he says. "Our account manager is
proactive and understands our business." The account manager advised him to look at Vodafone Total Business, which offers voice, text and data bundles to stabilise costs.

Lorica moved to Vodafone Total Business and tailored a package to suit its needs that included 12,000 minutes of call time each month to share among consultants, along with data services to access email and the internet. The plan also offered
unlimited calls to UK fixed lines or other Lorica mobile devices, and unlimited access to voicemail.

Ray Thomasson says: "Vodafone Total Business is ideal for controlling costs when the number of mobile devices is growing. Add the service and support that Vodafone provides and we don't feel that competitors can currently match the offer."
The company signed a 24-month contract for Vodafone Total Business for two key reasons.

First, Ray Thomasson wanted to gain the maximum amount of value from the plan and, second, he sees Vodafone as a long-term communications partner. "We have worked with Vodafone for nearly 20 years," he says. "And have no plans to move to another supplier. Vodafone Total Business offers great value."

When Lorica switched its mobile devices to Vodafone Total Business, it encouraged employees to capitalise on the unlimited calls to UK fixed lines and company mobiles. Ray Thomasson says: "Personnel began calling customers' fixed lines whenever
possible and using their mobile devices to contact colleagues. Customers still received a great level of service but we significantly reduced our costs."

Consultants now call UK fixed lines as often as they can, so Lorica has cut the monthly cost of its mobile devices by nearly half. "Thanks to Vodafone Total Business, we save up to 50 per cent on monthly bills," says Ray Thomasson.

Today, the organisation can continue to grow and increase the number of devices for consultants, safe in the knowledge that it can control costs.

• Reduced expenditure. By moving to Vodafone Total Business, Lorica has made significant savings and freed resources to
invest in other areas of the business. Ray Thomasson says: "Vodafone Total Business enables us to deliver an excellent level of service to our customers at a lower cost."

• Well-supported growth. The company has to take advantage of every business opportunity in a competitive market while
keeping a tight control on outgoings. "As we continue to grow, we can provide new consultants with mobile devices to help
achieve their targets, without fear of costs getting out of control," says Ray Thomasson.

• Flexible service. Lorica can easily change its package to meet the requirements of the business. "Vodafone Total Business is a flexible plan that we can adapt over time," says Ray Thomasson. "Consultants can use their mobiles for work in whichever way they require - there is a package that will support them and ensure that we can predict our costs."

• Great value. By signing a 24-month contract, the company has cost stability while the economy remains challenging. "Choosing a 24-month deal for Vodafone Total Business maximises its value and gives us predictability at a time when it matters most," says Ray Thomasson.

• Excellent support. In addition to maximising the value of the Vodafone Total Business plan, the company signed the 24-month deal because of Vodafone's services and support. Ray Thomasson can't see the company moving from Vodafone soon. He explains: "Vodafone knows our consultants' mobile devices are business critical. If one is damaged or needs to be replaced, we receive a new device the next working day - Vodafone has never let us down. I'm not confident that I could put this level of trust in another supplier."

Fast facts

Customer: Lorica
Number of employees: 240
Country or region: United Kingdom
Industry: Banking, investment and insurance
Customer profile: Lorica, which launched in 1990, provides insurance services from offices around the UK. It specialises in areas such as risk management and employee benefits.
Business benefits: Reduced expenditure, well-supported growth, flexible service, great value, excellent support

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