The UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) is bringing back the famous 'OakTable Challenge' to its annual conference this year.

The challenge is an opportunity for conference attendees to ask members of the OakTable network's experts any technical, Oracle-related question they want answering.

If the OakTable Network cannot provide a solution or an answer like 'yes', 'no', 'we need more information', or 'cannot be done' within 24 hours, the person asking the question will receive a T-shirt that says they challenged the network and won.

The UKOUG is bringing back the challenge to help to grow the sense of community within the user group.

Debra Lilley, UKOUG president, said: "When I first started attending UKOUG, I remember the OakTable Challenge, with experts such as Jonathan Lewis, Lex DeHaan and Tom Kyte eagerly answering the questions posed. Over the past few years the OakTable has still been present, but the challenge has gone quiet.

"This year will be different, and not only have we brought back the OakTable Challenge, but also Dave Ensor - world-famous in his time at Oracle, with other database masters such as Chris Ellis and Graham Wood, is coming out of retirement to give them a hand."

The OakTable Challenge will take place throughout the conference, but if attendees do not want to pose questions, they can compete against the team in an OakTableTableTennisTournament, where ping-pong is played with an Oracle technical reference manual, instead of a bat.

The full agenda for the UKOUG Conference, taking place at the ICC in Birmingham on 5-7 December is available here, and details for how to register for the event can be found here.