You know your digital product has hit the big time when you are getting sued for trademark infringement. So, I suppose congratulations are due (?) for the casual-dating site Bang With Friends, which has been slapped with a suit from Words With Friends developer Zynga.

Bang With Friends (BWF) is a web and mobile app that allows users to choose who among their Facebook friends they would like to "bang."

If both parties have indicated they would like to engage in said activity, the site will send notifications to both, and then banging may commence. This is how our species subconsciously chooses to propagate itself in 2013. #Nature.

The popular service has recently gathered $1 million in seed money and claims to have over one million users and to have helped over 200,000 people bang.

The app's name is perhaps indicative of the popular Zynga game Words With Friends that was all the mobile rage when Bang launched about a year ago.

BWF's logo (which is slightly NSFW, but you can find on the company's site) features two silhouetted characters in the act of banging with a red, white, and black color scheme and isn't completely dissimilar from Zynga's logo featuring a silhouetted dog with a red and white color scheme. Words With Friends' logo, it should be noted, utilizes the Scrabble-like word pieces featured in the game.

Either way, the similarities were a little too close for Zynga, which is seeking a court order barring the company from using the name "Bang With Friends" in connection with any social networking applications in addition to unspecified damages.

Zynga claims that the BWF name was selected with Zynga's "game trademarks fully in mind" according to the legal complaint.

The lawsuit comes in wake of a dismal financial report from Zynga, which revealed how both the company's intake and user base had plummeted over the past year, and resulted in the slashing of 18 percent of its workforce.

We have reached out to both parties for further comment, but have not yet received any response.

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