It's fast becoming a worldwide trend that employees everywhere are demanding more than just a secure job, and in New Zealand, at the heart of the Auckland tech industry, Kiwis are no exception.

The latest Auckland IT Job Market findings, published by recruitment analysts Absolute IT, report a city which wants more than just a place to spend their 9-5, and they are now in a bargaining position to ask for it.

"Money is more important than ever but the total salary package is becoming increasingly important to IT professionals when considering an IT job," the report states.

But findings suggest that not just a salary increase, rather a 'better salary package' is the main motivator for 65% of Aucklanders considering moving elsewhere for an IT-related role.

And it looks like the Auckland tech sector is listening, with 51% of IT professionals now receiving additional quirks such as mobile phone allowances and car parks, alongside an accelerating 34% receiving an average bonus of $6,000.

In short, the report claims IT employers are realising their "most important assets are their staff, and it's also their highest flight risk."

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Consequently, 60% of Auckland IT professionals are not just expecting a pay increase during the next 12 months, but a significant shift in how much they're expecting - up 6% since 2013, findings show 28% are expecting a pay increase of more than 4%.

The good news is Auckland IT employers have had an increase in confidence, with an additional 3% (up to 49%) planning to give staff/contractors a pay increase and only 5% ruling it out (down from 10%).

The old adage 'work hard, play hard' is still in existence however, as 42% of IT professionals consider flexible working hours and a total work/life balance the top non-financial benefit when taking an IT job in Auckland.

"Upskilling is a strong value held by many Auckland IT professionals," the report adds, claiming 26% of workers consider career development opportunities a deciding factor when taking an IT job.

"Which comes as no surprise in today's fast paced world, where it's imperative to stay ahead of the game, or at least keep up with the play."

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Employer confidence is up

On the flip side, 75% of Auckland IT employers are also planning to recruit additional staff/contractors.

The main reasons cited for this increase are 'new projects' (38%), followed closely by 'increased customer demand' -- both slightly up on 2013 figures.

The top four skills Auckland IT employers are planning to recruit are; business analysis, software development, network and infrastructure and testers.