Most employees find application performance and availability affect their ability to do their job.

The result (94 per cent) comes the way of a SolarWinds survey, which head geek, Lawrence Hubbard, said highlighted the dissatisfaction of workers with responses to IT issues.

"A high number of respondents reported that it took a while to get things fixed or they weren't fixed within a time they reported it," he said.

The survey found 68 per cent of employees expect IT to solve the issue in an hour or less, yet only one-third of users said IT could meet this demand.

The expectation of rapid response and resolution has always existed, though Hubbard said the current entire technology environment has become more "on-demand and immediate response-based."

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"Even in the 1980's and the 1990s, the attitude was we'll call you by phone and we want you to fix it in five minutes," he said.

"Sometimes that is practical, but other times it is unrealistic."

Looking for the solution

As technology improves, Hubbard said there are elevated expectations for responsiveness in terms of support.

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"As the application environment becomes more diverse, and dependant on Cloud services and running on multiple devices, more people and organisations become involved in getting something fixed," he said.

If an organisation has an application that runs entirely on-premise, such in the case where they own the physical box that runs the virtual machines, Hubbard said it is simple for that organisation to identify and deal with a problem.

"As the applications get more complex and is hosted off-site, that is not going to make it easier to resolve issues in a shorter period of time," he said.

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