Nine in ten (88 percent) employees in Hong Kong believe collaboration is increasingly important following the advancement of technology.

This is according to a Randstad Hong Kong's Q3 Workmonitor online survey which polled 4,050 employees between the ages of 18 and 65 in Hong Kong.

Additionally, a significant number of employees (79 percent) think that their organisation still needs to spend more time on promoting collaboration among employees. This highlights the need for organisations to build better advocacy for their existing social and collaboration tools.

The research also showed that more than half of employees (73 percent) spend more time collaborating with their colleagues as compared to five years ago.

Peter Yu, Director of Randstad Hong Kong, said that business leaders must continue to promote collaboration as part of the executive agenda in order to take full advantage of the productivity gains that new technology brings.

"Social and collaboration tools such as video conferencing, screen sharing, intranets, online communities and real-time project management programmes make it easier for organisations to bring diverse teams together to share ideas, cross-pollinate skills and knowledge, raise productivity and remain competitive," he said.

"The tools by themselves are a small part of helping people to collaborate. Without sufficient awareness, education and training, IT support, and a strong example of usage set by the management, employers may never unlock the full advantages of these tools and platforms," he added.

Yu also advises employers to take into account the nature of a diverse workforce when implementing long-term measures to enhance collaboration across their organisations.