With the news that the UK is expected to spend a whopping £15.6bn in the run up to Christmas this year, we ran a poll to further find out how and where people were planning to spread their Christmas shopping budget.

Our poll was a closely ran contest, with the majority of respondents, 30 percent, revealing that they'll do their shopping both online and on the high street.

An impressive 25 percent of voters opted for the option "All online, I can't stand the high street". Some voters even took to the PC Advisor forums, to have a tongue-in-cheek swipe at the misfortune of having to hit the high street in order to do this year's Christmas shopping; Mr Mistoffelees said "I will do most of my Christmas shopping online, sat in a nice, comfortable, crowd free, chair."

A further 25 percent of pollers admitted they had no loyalties when it comes to shopping and clicked the option "I'll do my shopping wherever the best deals are". However, this potentially points to a further 25 percent of respondents who will do their shopping online, as the best deals are invariable found online.

Worryingly for shop owners, only a paltry two percent of PC Advisor poll partakers thought the internet wasn't "reliable enough yet" and claimed that they will exclusively be hitting the high street this Yuletide.

The remaining 18% appeared to be a particularly miserable bunch, questioning Christmas itself and also citing "Bah, humbug" as reason enough for not giving presents this festive season.

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