Though tablets and laptops might appear to do very similar jobs they are different beasts. Laptops are much more powerful than their tablet counterparts and the built-in keyboard and trackpad make for great input devices. Naturally, tablets have their strengths too with long battery life, incredible portability and they’re great for watching movies or reading on the go.

Although the differences seem subtle you’ll probably find that in practice there are places where a laptop beats a tablet and situations where a tablet is more suited. Of course, you can add a keyboard and mouse to a Windows 8 tablet to make it more like a traditional laptop if you choose.

Windows 8 has been designed with both tablets and laptops in mind so is the perfect combination. You can switch between traditional laptop and brand new tablet seamlessly. Tablets are very popular at the moment and seem like they are taking over the market for personal computing devices. There are some who think that tablets will almost entirely replace Windows laptops. It is more likely, however, that Windows 8 laptops and tablets will coexist rather than tablets simply replacing laptops outright. Whichever you choose Windows 8 has been optimised for both.

If you’re having difficulties choosing between the two or simply want to know more about tablets or laptops then there are several online services available that can help you out. For instance, Dell’s website has an ‘ask the experts’ function lets you chat directly with the company to get all the information you need. 

Visit the Dell Tech Zone for more advice on family computing.