The sky at night is a fantastic sight on a cloudless evening, but often you don’t really know what exactly you’re looking at. The Star Chart app can be really helpful here. The app is designed to help you identify everything you can see overhead. As with many of these incredibly impressive applications built for the Windows 8 app store, Star Chart is free.

Star Chart is one of those apps that really shines on a convertible laptop. You can use the Star Chart app in the laptop formation to do all your research and find out more during the day. Later, when the stars come out you can flip your machine into a tablet and take it out with you as you gaze at the heavens. Because the application can use the gyroscope or accelerometer and GPS in your laptop the application helps you identify exactly what you can expect to see in the night sky.

With the app you can browse the sky at night and track your favourite stars, but there’s much more to the app too. The International Space Station and Hubble telescope are large enough to be seen from Earth and the Star Chart app will let you see where they are in the night sky so that you can see them when they pass over your house.

Of course, the app is a great educational tool with all the planets in our solar system and their moons available to explore. To keep things accurate and realistic the planets are represented with fantastically detailed 3D models and the phase of the sun is accurate too so the image is always realistic. You can bring the visible universe to your laptop with Star Chart and all for free.

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