Lenovo, the company best known for its workhorse ThinkPad business laptops, is now riding a wave of product innovation into the consumer tablet and convertible laptop market. With the help of Ashton Kutcher, it announced the availability of the Yoga 3 Pro locally, as well as the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, and a couple of variants of the Yoga Tablet 2.

These all sound like similar products, right? We thought we would break them down for you here so that you know what the differences are and which one might suit your needs best.

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

This is the cream of the crop in Lenovo's new range of products. It's a Windows 8.1-based 13.3in convertible laptop (or hybrid, if you will) with a 3200x1800-pixel touchscreen, and it's the first laptop we've seen to make use of Intel's Core M CPU. But these aren't even its most interest features.

Lenovo's Yoga 3 Pro is a slim, Core M-based hybrid with a unique hinge design.

What you immediately notice about this laptop is its hinge, which looks like the metal band on a wristwatch, and it's unlike any other laptop hinge out there. It has six points of support rather than two, and it's designed to allow the screen to fold all the way over until the laptop becomes a tablet. It's a thing of beauty, and it decreases the bulk and thickness of the unit to make it impressively comfortable when used as a slate.

Its watchband hinge looks beautiful and works as intended to allow the laptop to turn into a tablet with ease, also be used in 'stand' or 'tent' modes (and any other mode you can think of).

The design of the new hinge allows the product to be only 13mm thick (when closed or used as a tablet). And it's also very light at 1.2kg.

You should get this model if you're after a convertible product that can act as a regular notebook (the Core M CPU is more than capable of handling office apps and online tasks), as a tablet or e-book reader, or as a display device for watching videos (there are two modes called Stand and Tent that facilitate this operation).

The starting price for the Yoga 3 Pro is $2099, and this includes the Intel Core M-5Y70 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 256GB solid state drive (SSD), a dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter, a 4-cell battery, a 1-year warranty, and the 3200x1800-pixel IPS touchscreen. For $2299, you can get the model that features a 512GB SSD.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

Unlike the Yoga 3 Pro, the Tablet 2 Pro is purely a tablet and it runs Android 4.4 KitKat. It's a large unit that has a 13.3in IPS screen, and its resolution is a lovely 2560x1440 pixels. Stylistically, it looks plain and simple, but plenty of effort has gone into making it much different from the norm.

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More than meets the eye: the 13.3in Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is built for entertainment, housing not only a 2.1 speaker system, but also a projector.

Most obviously, it's a tablet that has a cylindrical base with a stand, which allows the tablet to be stood up or rested easily for display purposes, but that's pretty standard for a Yoga tablet. There is a new thing to look out for, and that is the hole in the stand.

This hole facilitates what Lenovo calls 'Hang mode'. As the name of the mode suggests, you can hang this tablet up like a picture frame at any place where such a scenario is plausible. We're not sure exactly where this can come in useful, but the feature is there and ready for creative minds to put it to use.

But what really makes this tablet original is another feature that other tablets haven't got yet, and that is a built-in projector. It resides in the cylindrical base, and it can be used to project a screen size of up to 50nches from a throw distance of 2m. A tiny control allows you to control the focus. It's a feature that can make video viewing a lot more enjoyable, though you will have to come up with a way to rest it and angle it so that you can get the best viewing experience.

The projector is located in the end of the cylindrical stand.

A 2m distance can give a screen size of 50 inches.

Sound is facilitated by the inclusion of a little sub-woofer in addition to the speakers on the front, and these speakers and the projector are what make this tablet more suited for entertainment purposes than others on the market.

You should buy it if you want a large tablet that puts a focus on allowing you to watch video content more easily and in innovative ways around your home. The stand makes the tablet easy to place upright on a desk, while the projector adds versatility and a nice little 'wow' factor for your friends and family.

It costs $799 and comes with an Intel Atom Z3745 CPU, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of flash storage, a dual-band Wi-Fi adapter, and a 3-cell (9600 milliamp-hour battery).

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Android

If a 13.3in Android tablet is way too big for your liking, then you can consider the Yoga Tablet 2. This one is a 10.1in tablet with a Full HD (1920x1080-pixel) IPS screen, Android KitKat 4.4, and it features an Intel Atom Z3745 CPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of integrated flash storage, and a 9600 milliamp-hour battery.

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The Yoga Tablet 2 is a 10in Android model.

Like the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, its cylindrical stand allows it to be stood up and used more easily as a display for video content, and the hole in the stand for 'Hang mode' is also present. Unlike the previous model, the Tablet 2 Pro's stand is a little wider and offers a couple more angles for viewing.

It features a newer stand that can do more angles and which also has a hole that introduces 'hang mode'.

There's not much more to say about this one. It costs $399 and is a good option if you want a little tablet that's easy to hold while reading and also easy to rest while watching videos.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows

Lenovo said that a lot of its customers wanted a tablet for productivity purposes, and so it released a 10.1-inch Yoga Tablet 2 that runs Windows 8.1. It's for those of you who want to run Windows applications, but also want a small tablet form factor. Furthermore, a keyboard is supplied that can turn the tablet into a more than capable typing device.

A Windows 8 version of the Yoga Tablet 2 comes with a keyboard and is aimed at those of you want to be productive (well, as productive as a small tablet will allow anyway).

It's called Keyboard Cover, and it's attracted into place at the bottom of the tablet screen by magnets. It offers a surprisingly satisfying typing experience, though because of the size of the unit, you might find it slightly cramped.

Specifications are essentially the same as the Yoga Tablet 2 with Android, but the Windows version packs 32GB of storage rather than 16GB, which is a good idea since the operating system takes up so much space. The battery life is also quoted as being a little shorter than the Android version (15 hours compared to 18 hours), but this will depend on how you use the product.

The other kicker is the price. It costs $579, which is noticeably more than the Android version. Consider it if you want a small Windows-based tablet rather than Android, and a tablet that can be used for productivity in addition to consuming media.

All of these products are available now from JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman, or from Lenovo's Web site.

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