Apple’s Steve Jobs has proclaimed that we are living in a “post-PC world”, now controlled by tablets and cloud-based services.

This bold claim is backed up by news that tablets such as the market-leading Apple iPad now outsell traditional desktop PCs.

In May 2011 eBay UK sold 18,308 tablets and eReaders, compared with just 13,155 desktop PCs.

Laptops still make up 70 percent of computers sold on eBay, although that’s down from 80 percent in 2010.

Last May – before Apple’s iPad was released in the UK – tablets and eReaders made up only 3 percent of eBay UK’s computer sales. A year later that figure is now up to 15 percent, with eBay reporting one tablet sold every three minutes.

It would be expected, of course, that second-hand tablet sales would pick up along with the market, especially with the release of the updated iPad 2.

Jobs has also compared PCs to "trucks" – useful when the US was an agrarian society, but largely obsolete as people moved to urban areas. Likewise, he suggested, computing needs are evolving away from the PC.