Surface Pro 3 teardown

Well-known teardown site iFixit  has got hold of Microsoft's latest tablet - the Surface Pro 3 - and hasn't wasted any time in reducing it to its component parts.

The Surface Pro 3 is without a doubt the best Surface yet, but it's a real pain to repair it should anything go wrong. 

Microsoft has worked hard to keep the weight of this 12in tablet down to a minimum and a much thinner glass screen is one of the tricks. The thinner screen assembly is great for both saving weight and giving you more of a pen-on-paper feel when used with the bundled stylus. However, it isn't nearly as strong as its predecessors, cracking almost immediately when the team attempted to pry it off.

There's no other way inside the tablet, so if a button or port fails - or you want to upgrade the SSD to a larger capacity - the screen has to come off.

Surface Pro 3 teardown

As well as lots of adhesive holding the screen firmly in place, there's plenty more inside making repairs that much trickier. There's so much glue securing the battery, which isn't soldered to the motherboard, that it's impossible to remove it without damaging it.

If you do manage to remove the screen without breaking it, upgrading the SSD is ridiculously easy, as it's held in place by just two screws.

The overall layout isn't much different to the Surface Pro 2 - hardly surprising - but the motherboard and fan are quite different. Microsoft went to great lengths at the Pro 3's launch to explain that, although there was still a fan inside, some clever engineering meant that you wouldn't actually be able to hear it, nor feel any air flow.

Surface Pro 3 teardown

Looking at the fan and heatpipes, they're not too dissimilar from those you'd find inside a laptop.

Unfortunately, the bottom line is that the Surface Pro 3 is a very bad choice if you like to repair your gadgets. There's an awful lot of sticky adhesive to contend with, and a very high likelihood that you'll wreck the screen before you even get inside.

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Surface Pro 3 teardown