Nokia Windows RT tablet

Nokia is thought to be planning to launch a Windows RT tablet next month.

It was starting to look like Windows RT was well and truly on its way out after a poor start, to put it nicely. However, it's Nokia, Microsoft's main Window Phone partner, to the rescue along with a new version of the Surface RT. See also: Microsoft to update Surface tablets and introduce price cut.

Sources familiar with Nokia's plans have told The Verge that the Finnish firm will launch a Windows RT tablet at a 'special' New York launch event in September. It recently announced the Lumia 1020 there.

The sources claim that Nokia has been rounding up developers for the event and put a provisional date of 26 September.

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The Windows RT tablet is codenamed Vanquish making it sound like a certain supercar. It will supposedly feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, 4G LTE support and, of course, Windows RT.

A photo of the tablet in question was leaked on Digiwo showing a red 10.1in sized device with Nokia, Windows RT, Verizon and 4G logos on the back.

That's all the information on the Nokia Windows RT tablet for now, but we'll update you if we hear anything else. Can Nokia help Microsoft to save Windows RT? Let us know in the comments.

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